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One Minute Manager

2 minute read

Manage people effectively by serving them (note from the book “one minute manager”).

Js Debugger

1 minute read

debugger is a great tool in js that provides breakpoint in your code so that you can easily debug your code

Ping Pong Pair Programming

1 minute read

An ExtremeProgrammingPractice in which two engineers participate in one development effort at one workstation. Each member performs the action the other is n...

Four Types of Duplication in Source Code

less than 1 minute read

We all know about DRY but time and again we can find duplication in our code. Here we talk about four types of duplication: imposed, inadvertent, impatient a...


How I made chitika ads responsive

3 minute read

Chitika has not officially approved responsive design yet but we can tweak it’s script safely to serve responsive ads on our site.