Role and benefits of coworking spaces in zero investment company

More and more people are leaving the comfort of working in big corporate houses to start a business on their own.

The journey may start from a garage, bedroom, cafe, or hotel but after a very short time, they realize that the office used to be part of their work discipline.

This exact need gap is the reason for the new culture of people coming in a common space to accomplish the productive work of their professional life. A common space, commonly known as co-working space.

What is coworking space?

Coworking spaces are the modernized offices that facilitate people with internet and working spaces. It is also a great attraction for independent workers like freelancers and remote workers as well as a great place for startup entrepreneurs. These spaces are much cheaper than modern offices and the subscription fees are minimal and flexible. The subscription plan maybe on a daily basis or monthly.

Coworking is an alternative to working from home. Coworking spaces provide every facility that a user wants such as the Internet, electricity, a good environment for working, etc. Let’s see why coworking spaces are becoming popular.

1. New era demands new innovations

Though gathering in some places and working on common ideas is not new. The actual concept of co-working space was established publicly in San Francisco by Brad Neuberg in 2005. Since 2015 the popularity of these spaces has increased rapidly replacing the traditional offices to new innovative offices.

Looking back at most popular business organizations like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dell, etc. were started from a garage when they were on their startup phase. There are also many examples of most renowned organizations that were started in bedrooms for example Facebook.

With the advent of modern co-working spaces with facilities like stable internet, printer, comfortable seating spaces, and pantries, innovators need not start from uncomfortable space of the garage.

2. More facilities (increase in accessibility without having to spend more money)

Many highly facilitated co-working spaces are running around the world these days. Facilities they provide range from basics like high-speed internet connection, charging docks, comfortable working environment to less expected facilities like a photo studio and some coworking spaces like Re: creative, Brooklyn Boulders, Endeavor etc too have built-in gym hall.

The major benefit is, it has increased the accessibility without having to spend more money. People get every aspect of an office at an affordable rate.

Co-working space vs traditional offices

Some of the differences between co-working space and traditional offices are:

Terms of difference Offices Coworking spaces
Size The size may vary from the size of an organization and is not constant. Coworking spaces are designed in a big adjustable area with each and every pre-planned space.
Facilities The facilities are limited. There are a lot of facilities like a swimming pool, gym, games, etc.
Cost The cost will be higher for the arrangement of furniture and equipment. The cost is minimal and affordable.
Spaces Offices don’t own every space required like event hall, workshop area, etc. Coworking spaces own every room.
Working state Work in an office is fixed and is from the same location. The work in coworking spaces can be alternated from any locations.

Types of spaces inside coworking spaces?

Different types of space exist in a coworking space. Some of them are:

1. The common desk

The common area is open for all, the hall containing a table for 4 to 6 people. In this area, an individual is free to talk to each other, share ideas, etc. The hall contains basic materials like a board, projectors, and other utensils to facilitate the meeting. Every work is open and there are no hidden works from one another.

2. Private desk

A private area is a secured area that maintains privacy for confidential work. The price is a little expensive compared to the common area. The area is fully furnished with furniture and other office equipment with privacy.

3. Dedicated desk

These desks are suitable for those who want to work alone. It is like having an own cabin or room. The seats are available all the time once a working person requests.

4. Hot desk

Hot desks are shared between users on a scheduled basis. In simple, it is a rotation between the users. It is suitable for those who don’t stay longer in town. It is an alternative form of a dedicated desk but it is cheaper than the dedicated desk.

5. Photo studio

As people who tend to increase their selling rate, the photo studio is also rented to snap a photo of their products. The studio is equipped with all the equipment required to snap a shot.

6. Meeting hall

A meeting hall is designed inside for some secret conversation or any notices. The hall is equipped with projectors, whiteboards, and computers to cover all the essentials of a conference.

7. Event studio

A fully furnished event studio is designed to conduct a party or to start any workshop. The event studio is charged with fixed rates for events. These are suitable for training, workshops, and other events and the organizer should not worry about the required equipment.

Subscription models

The price differs according to the place it is located and according to the plan as well. The pricing models for subscription of different plans are listed below :

  1. The full-time subscription plan will cost $300-$400 which is a full-time table as well as it is cheaper than a typical office to work full hours.

2) Subscription of dedicated office will cost $750-$2000 per month which will have the capacity of 2-6 people which is also great and affordable for a team.

  1. The Flexi desk will cost $110-$200 per week it’s also amazing prize.

4) Permanent desk will be costing from $180-$220 per week which facilitates to work freely any time without fear of losing desk.

  1. Private office and virtual office has the price range from $15 to $ 240 per week.

Contribution of coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are public places providing flexibility and offering simple pricing with Internet service and other services as well. They aim to contribute to a more enjoyable work-life and are working towards a new era. An era of Mobile Workers. An era of collaboration and creation. An era where offices grow into meeting places. An era where everything is connected. They provide flexibility and offer simple pricing with Internet service and other services. They provide a platform where people come together to create something greater than themselves. The official environment is provided to the startup team to develop their experience and to excel in their knowledge.

Why coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are an open book to explore knowledge and fact and is a place to plan future companies. Many entrepreneurs tend to search for low-cost investment to grow their business. They are the growing community of members. People look for a comfortable and suitable place to work independently for their startup. Because coworking spaces provide great working environment at cheap prices.

It is very useful for beginners with good infrastructure for startups. These are like portable offices which means wherever individuals travel they can enjoy their work without professionalism. These are the public places that provide a suitable working environment for people to catch up to their profession while enjoying a better comfort zone where every worker is accepted with no bias.

Why people use coworking spaces?

As people struggle to find a productive place to work. It is a challenge for anyone who doesn’t have an office of their own including freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. Working from home is challenging due to the distraction of surrounding and families and pets becomes too much to handle making a blank mind. Working in solitude can stimulate the brain, but ultimately people are just working alone. There may be a mass of people working around an individual but they don’t get likely minded people around them. These are like the home-style work environment. So, people are using coworking space.

What do coworking spaces provide?

It gives an opportunity to share new experiences with others and find a solution to the confusion. It provides a common platform to ask problems as they will also be able to help one another. They will be doing their best to help each other. Here people meet with different people from different fields willing to explore more and more.

What will the working person do here?

Space will be like a training hall to collect different ideas, solutions, context, and content of business and others. People will be learning to communicate, interact with the client from day to day conversations with other workers. These people are lucky enough, they are working with the same level people due to which people get the chance to learn new ideas and skills from them. People will be developing skills from the beginning. It is like finding a luxurious item in cheap amount. Also getting a good start is important too. Here an individual can build a good relationship with people from different professionalism like designers, developers, content writers, etc to extend the business furthermore in the future.

What are the benefits of Coworking spaces?

Talking about the benefits of coworking spaces. You won’t notice how long something lasts when its fun. People will not get any reasons to complain about the space. As there are numerous numbers of benefits of coworking spaces. Here, we will be discussing some of the benefits of coworking spaces.

1. Connected with community events

A community is the best source to be involved in order to grow the organization as well as to sell a product. The coworking spaces are connected to the environment. They plan many different community-based programs that are scheduled weekly or monthly. They hold different events like workshops, mini-training, etc. to improve people’s skills and knowledge.

2. Low lease system

Coworking spaces are affordable for learners as well as for a startup business. As we talked previously that the materials needed and services required are provided on the desk, the lease system is fixed from time-limited to permanent so the term is different in both cases. The amount charged is less compared to the service they provide.

3. Traditional workspace

These days the coworking spaces are trending in major cities with luxurious designs and advanced architecture to give a new feeling to the workers. Major developed countries like the UK, the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc have thousands of coworking spaces in different parts of cities with various facilities. These places have their own interior decoration and facilities like swimming pool, photography, gym, restaurant, coffee shop, entertainment hall, etc. The coworking spaces are of different working cultures from formal to casual, normal to luxurious holding every service that an individual wants. People too can choose the space as per their requirement.

4.Less expenditure

Coworking working space is much cheaper than modern offices with a full supply of materials and this can save a lot of money and time. These places are affordable and are fully furnished. People tend to save a lot of money from these spaces which could be utilized in any other resource. As calculating the cost to build a private office, the expenses will be over a hundred thousand and other expenses will just reach too high to handle. So, starting a business from coworking spaces will be a great idea to save both the time and money.

5. Stress-free environment

As compared to old coworking spaces, the modern spaces are designed in such a way that no worker gets stressed or bored while working as the working environment is maintained smartly. The greenery around the spaces, different paintings on the walls, gaming attached to the walls, and led lights system. These components act as refreshing factors to refresh the working person continuously.

6. Working with similar minded people

Working alone could be irritating due to different unknown factors and feelings of loneliness. The coworking space provides an opportunity to work with similar minded people around having the same goal and thought. This helps in building good relationships as well as helps in increasing creativity and helps to get access to the hidden problems and solutions. This will help people to gain mastery in the desired field.

7. Building skills

Everyone will have limited knowledge of basic things required to grow business and to interact with others. In coworking spaces, they will be gaining the primary component to grow business, elements of communication, and current requirements of people and community. With ideas and thoughts from other coworkers can help in building a conceptual framework to handle a business in the future. The benefits are much more and here the chances of a working person noticing the fault will be very low. As people start to work in this environment, they will realize that time is moving at the speed of light and the day passes too early. The surrounding will be attracting people and the entertaining environment will be given that gives them the reason to smile. The environment where people work will be familiar to them so, they won’t get feeling of being isolated.

Why people choose Coworking space?

Coworking space is gaining popularity so widely that it is trending on the media and the Internet. It is not because of its fake advertising but because of the role it plays in the management of the organization. The term ‘coworking space’ has been popular due to these reasons : Provide an open platform to work independently. This place is popular among those individuals who love traveling without losing their jobs. People tend to find their jobs more meaningful while working in these spaces. Each individual will be working independently without any pressure or fear. The stress and irritation will not start again and again due to workload. It helps to build a network to talk, share, interact, and connect. It is a platform for startup who are not much experienced.

For what purpose are coworking spaces established?

People often feel bored in offices getting over and over with the same stuff and having no refreshment. As today the coworking spaces are established widely in developed cities. For a beginner, traveler, freelancer, and researcher, the coworking space has been the choice to do their jobs independently and meaningfully. It’s like a library where one goes to learn something new while surrounded by a sea of people. As it is the prime choice of small to medium enterprises. It is established with an aim to share knowledge and skills among others.

How did the trend of coworking space begin?

As we dive into the history of coworkers space we can find that coffee shops and cafes were chosen to work with no major facilities. But at the present time, the numbers of coworking spaces are doubled in a year. Coworking is being practiced since the 1990s as European programmers used such systems to convey information and hacking skills to each other. Later on, the trend of working in cafes and coffee shops gained popularity. In 2005 the coworking space was established by Brad Neuberg in San Francisco. At that time, the materials and services were limited to the workers. After 2015 hundreds of coworking spaces were established with different facilities.

How are coworking spaces developing?

It is becoming possible due to the unbelievable development of the Internet and artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to digital technological development. In the present era, the works are an essential part of human life either to earn or to expand knowledge. The growth ratio of coworking spaces are doubled each year. As the ratio of coworking spaces has doubled within a decade. The coworking spaces are spreading in major cities of all developed as well as developing countries. These spaces are modernized versions of old cafes and coffee shops which have developed much more in recent days with luxurious facilities and high-end design.

For who?

Coworking spaces are an open platform for people with different professions like artists, architects, developers, designers, students, enterprises, freelancers, photographers, writers, startups, and digital nomads. Every individual is welcomed in these spaces. These are open platforms suitable for every work as materials and apparatus required are provided as per the need of a worker to enhance the working environment. Every startup can join the space, also independent workers, as well as travelers too don’t miss the coworking platform to accomplish their task.

Co-living spaces

Properties are being built with the aim of letting people live in a house and work in a common area. They are supposed to be affordable, productive, and less lonely compared to typical rent apartments. Co-living spaces will either provide a private bedroom or shared bedroom (dormitories) including shared spaces like kitchen, co-working place, a lounge for resting, and even pools for relaxing. The concept of co-living space is taken from openness and collaboration. People in co-living share the same philosophical values and norms.

Is coworking space and coliving space the same?

The concept of both is the same as they both have a key aspect of sharing. The basic concept is to work independently and freely. They both are popular among freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and beginners. These are both established to help remote workers who work independently. These spaces are affordable too as well as helpful for startup.

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