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Published on :Oct 08, 2015

Yesterday I read a book The one minute manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Author finds a highly effective manager and goes to find out his secrets and realises that manager was effective because he was one minute manager.In this book author has documented three golden rules followed by one minute manager. They are

  1. One minute goal setting
  2. One minute praising
  3. One minute reprimand

Below, I have summarised the book so that I can come back and qucikly revise in future but I think everyone can learn something from it.

If you see a problem and don't have a solution yet, then you don't have a problem yet. You are just complaining. Problem exists only if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening.

A good manager can see a problem and solve it. One minute manager when sees any problem lists out the solution, chooses the right solution, sets the goal to solve it. Only thing he does little differently is he sets goal such that he can finish reading it in no more than 1 minute. His goal are never longer than 250 words and frequently he revisits them to see how he is doing.

One minute manager helps his employees to set goals and rewards them everytime they achieve something close to reaching goal no matter how small that achievement might be. This is called one minute praising. Just invest in finding out what your employee is doing right and take no more than one minute in praising them. Yes praising can be effectively done in one minute but I wont share it here, you probably have to read the book if you want to know how.

Managers can't let people get away with mistakes. They have to point them out and ask their employees to take action. While many managers wait till review to list out this shortcomings, one minute manager gives immediate feedback. Immediate feedback helps employee to correct his mistakes.

One needs to be extremely tactful while giving feedback. All scoldings and no praise demotivates an employee but how can a manager praise when one has done something wrong? One minute manager points out mistakes and tell how he feels about that. Then he pauses for few seconds of uncomfortable silence to let employee feel how he feels. This is the first half. On second half, one minute manager shakes hand or by any means let employees know he is honestly in their side and he wants them to improve. He reaffirms them that he thinks well of them but not of their performance in this situation.

One minute manager has a weakness: he does not want to repeat. He does not like when he is made to repeat his words/actions and he absolutely hates when his employees repeat mistakes. But all of these tasks seem like repetitive enough even with one employee under him. How he minimises the repetitiveness is the most curious thing to learn from this book.


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